Media & Downloads

A few media files are available at the bottom of this page, including:

+++ A free downloadable copy of DADDY BENT-LEGS, TOO!!, the author's Part 2 follow-up book ... essentially a complete collection of Neil Matheson's unpublished blog posts about life as a disabled parent and then, later, writings which explore faith in the midst of grief & loss after the death of his wife in August 2013.

Please Note: Adobe Reader (or another *.PDF compatible app) is required to open & view this free digital e-book.

++ Audio clips from Neil Matheson's radio interviews.

+ An audio clip from Summer 2003 ... with Neil's late wife (Elana) singing a rendition of "Feels Like Home".

Anyone with comments or questions about this website and the book DADDY BENT-LEGS is encouraged to email the author directly at

The author also has a small Flickr Photostream gallery of his own personal photography. Check out Neil's Flickr page here

Lastly, Neil Matheson's story was featured in this July 2016 newspaper article: