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"I just finished reading, Daddy Bent-Legs by Neil Matheson. It is an amazing book, which I give five stars. Only because there is no higher number! At first, although humorous, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to relate to the main topic of the book… Mainly because although the author does suffer from cerebral palsy; I have a more severe form, and I was really unable to relate to his trips to the beach and other things that I am unable to do… I.e. swimming. But then very soon in the book, he gets down to the nitty-gritty of what it's really like to have disability. How sometimes, through no fault of our own, but rather the way society is built, and the way things are run; a disability whether severe or moderate can cause us (those of us in the disabled community) to lose our dreams. Mostly because people sometimes don't want to see things in a different way. They only want to see them how they do. Yes, I am very impressed that Neil didn't let that stop him. He was able to find another dream, and fall in love; and raise a family. I realize that this goes against the grain of what many have been taught, but I also admire that although his journey to finding faith in Christ didn't start in the traditional way; his love for his wife led him to Jesus. He was able to see Jesus in her. I think that perhaps that is the greatest compliment to any love story and any Christian anywhere in the world. Be ready to be well-informed, entertained, and even shed some tears. A wonderful book."
~ Elizabeth Pennella, Reader @

"Neil's book, Daddy Bent-Legs, illustrates his assertion, 'In walking through life on bent legs, humor is the crutch I have relied upon most.'  His vivid and candid portrayal of the spectrum of issues entwined in  living with cerebral palsy – inclusion, surgeries, relationships,  acceptance – were often seasoned with wit. While  not shirking away from addressing disappointments that often accompany a  disability, he does not allow these disappointments to defeat him. A  recommended read."
~ Julia Byl, Reader in Vancouver, BC

"For individuals with disabilities Daddy Bent-Legs provides a  neat read as Matheson discusses issues many with disabilities find  commonplace (such as) academic inclusion and dating ... (and) floats  farther into not so common water by talking about a couple with  disabilities family planning.  I recommend Daddy Bent-Legs to anyone interested in understanding more about life with cerebral palsy and other disabilities."
~ Zachary Fenell, Freelance journalist, Yahoo! Associated Content

“Neil shares his memories from childhood ... (and) gives you a look into the mind of someone who has had many challenges in his life due to a physical handicap. I thank him for sharing his story and allowing others to see and feel what he felt growing up with Cerebral Palsy. What a wonderful book to share with a friend.”
~ Matilda, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

"Neil Matheson has a powerful, fascinating story that will encourage  your heart. He is an example of someone who has used his pain to become  better, not bitter. Prepare to be inspired.”
~ Sam Owusu, Senior Pastor, Calvary Worship Centre

“Neil Matheson provides readers his unique perspective as a 40-year-old  physically disabled man, husband, and father and tells the stories of  how he came to fill each role. He provides answers to many of the  questions that able-bodied persons are unsure of how to ask, and in  doing so, reveals how normal it is to feel different. Neil's wonderful  account of his courtship and engagement with his now wife Elana, sticks  out and will forever stay with you as a beautiful story."
~ Jared R. French, Reader in Calgary, AB

“I absolutely enjoyed this book right to the very last word. I found it  to be a very easy read despite the fact that he talks about a heavy  issue. As a person with Cerebral Palsy, I found I was able to connect  with this book in a personal way as I can personally relate to much of  what he was saying. It is nice to know that there are others out there  who have shared similar experiences. I definitely recommend this book to  anyone wanting an inside look into the life of someone with Cerebral  Palsy. Very heart-warming and informative! Loved it!”
~ N. Menard, Reader in Vancouver, BC

“This book is great. I think it would be an interesting read for not only readers who are disabled, but also those who aren't. I loved the author's sense of humor. I also have CP, and it was nice to read about someone else who has went through similar situations as myself. I was curious to see how the author handled his disability in adulthood. This book also gave me hope and relief because it helped me remember that even though life with a disability is hard, there are good and bad times, and that life is always changing."
~ Nicole, Reader in United States

“This book caught my eye as I have a disabled husband with the  same condition and the biggest similarity between the two men is their  courage, humour and will to live life to the fullest. My husband's motto  is: Life is great if you don’t weaken. Neil has the same attitude and  life can be great if your cup is mostly half full instead of half empty.  Thank you Neil for the informative and inspirational book.”
~ Stephanie, Reader in Africa