About the Author

Originally published back in October 2009, the light-hearted memoir Daddy Bent-Legs: The 40-Year-Old Musings of a Physically Disabled Man, Husband, and Father can still be found at various online book resellers like Amazon.com and on-the-shelf at a few local Christian bookstores.

Author & disability advocate Neil Matheson was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia – located on the west coast of Canada. Growing up on a pair of crutches and bent legs, Neil never let his Cerebral Palsy slow him down. He was always looking to push himself, to experience new things, and to break down barriers.

Becoming a new father at age forty, Neil found himself in pioneering territory yet again. Daddy Bent-Legs,  his first published book, tells the story. The book also shares a testimony of faith – of how God made a seemingly impractical idea not only possible, but fruitful. A late-blooming Christian, Neil finally learned that God thinks big ... and that the dream of marriage, kids & mortgage payments is for disabled people too.

Neil and his wife, Elana, were married for ten years. About one year after their son Jake was born, Elana was diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder. It turned out to be lupus and, after battling the lupus for the next 4 years, it eventually won. Elana's liver & kidneys suddenly failed and she passed away on August 17, 2013.

Author & disability advocate Neil Matheson (photo)

Author & disability advocate Neil Matheson (photo)